As an admin you can send an SMS for an event, service or church.

Send an SMS to everyone #

  • Click on SMS Manager
  • Click on Compose
    • The To field has all the people in the church, event or service. You can delete people from there if you need to.
    • The Message field is the SMS message content that will be sent
    • The Action Link field is option and will generate a link preview when sent in an SMS

SMS Inbox #

  • SMS replies will automatically be stored in the system under Inbox
  • They will also be sent to the mobile number of the user that sent the SMS

SMS Queue #

The SMS Queue is a page that shows you how many messages are in the queue to be sent. If the queue is too long it may mean it will take a long time for your message to arrive or the sms system might be broken.

If the number does not go down for a while or your message is stuck, please contact us

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